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Happiness is not an abstract thing. Happiness is the addition of one blissfful moment after one blissful moment after one blissful moment.

Many times, people focus on how they will be when they have money ; how they will dress or what they will eat or where they will go to eat when they get such and such amount of money in their bank account.

It’s wrong. They actually don’t understand how the Law of Attraction works.

Law of Attraction acts as a magnet. This you understand in theory. But what does this mean ? It means that Law of Attraction will bring to you things that match the energies a.k.a the coherent sum of the emotions, feelings, thoughts, words you put out.

So it’s not about what you will do when you have the means to. No. It’s about what you can do today that will match what you want to receive in the future. Makes sense ?


I have a busy schedule. A family. A business. Hobbies. My days usually start before sun rises and I have disciplined myself to go to sleep no later than 10 pm so I can have the rest that I need to have the full day ahead, but also, because sleep is the time I use to practice my spirituality on different levels, doing things like lucid dreaming, astral traveling, premonitory dreams and connect with my spirit guides.

Rest assured, I’m not asking you to do that !

During the day though, I make it a point to always raise my vibrations. I don’t take pauses because I’m overwhelmed by the workload. I take time for myself, to meditate, to listen to music, to do yoga, to drink tea, because I don’t ever want to feel overwhelmed by work.

Work is pleasure for me. I work many hours without ever feeling like I’m actually working because I’m fortunate enough to do what I love (so it’s hard for me to call it work) and I have a life.

In the Japanese culture, tea ceremony is one of the most sacred rituals, choreographed with precise steps, all done in harmony.

I make it a point to do the same when I drink tea. I don’t drink tea while working, like people do when they put regular tea on a regular mug next to their computer and drink their tea mechanically.

Being spiritual means understanding that everything we do has to be connected to our higher self. We turn every mundane moment into luxury, into a sacred ritual.

I’m a sucker for tea. Whenever I go to a tea store, I know it’s going to be hard to pick just one. Mariage Frères is one of my favorite brands, though. It’s a classic and they have a blend made perfect for each moment of pleasure of your life.

Mariage Frères


First of all, before drinking my tea, I turn of my computer and I give my phone to my assistant so I know I won’t be disturbed.

I usually put on some vintage Brazilian samba music that I let play in the background, while lighting a candle.

To uplift my vibrations and really dive into the blissfulness of the moment, I add my Goddess Magic oudh oil potion, my magic enhancer, which keeps bringing me more and more opportunities to create moments of bliss (see how it works ?).

I’m lucky because I don’t actually have to boil the water by myself and make the tea. But I used to do it a while ago… (I’m sure I can do it again if I had to). So Amos, my home chef, makes the tea for me, while I prepare myself to relax.

When the tea has perfectly infused, not too long because you don’t want the tea to become bitter, it’s time to enjoy.


Mariage Frères is a one of oldest French luxury tea company, created in 1854. Besides their stores in places like Paris, London or Tokyo, you can find this brand as part of the gourmet selections in restaurants of many palaces (5-stars hotels mostly) such as the Ritz in Paris, the Claridge’s in London or the Mamounia in Marrakesh.

For connaisseurs, Mariage Frères is the reason why the tea culture of Asia, places like Japan or India, and even the Middle East or North Africa, or even South Africa with wonderful blends of Roobios, or Darjeeling, or White Tea.


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