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Definition: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.



Expressing gratitude is such a simple act that it often gets forgotten when my aspiring goddesses wish to start changing their lives in the hopes of upgrading their lifestyle in a significant manner. When I see the reactions of my Youtube videos, I’ve come to realize that people always look for the complicated manifestation rituals, with elaborate spells, involving exotic formulae, intricate sigils as though manifestation of everything that will create genuine happiness and bliss in the form of material comfort can only come from how much you know about spirituality.

Yet, the same aspiring goddesses will fall in despair when they see no improvement in their mental, emotional and material experience. They wonder why this manifestation thing seems to work with other people ; they see success stories all over and yet, they feel that it’s just not for them. Maybe, they’re the kind who are built to struggle and hustle to get their piece of the wealth and luxury pie.



I wish I could share all the emails I get from my aspiring goddesses, paragraphs upon paragraphs about how their life is miserable. Sometimes it’s hard for me to read them because of how low their energy is when they explain in detail how they desperatly want to change their circumstances but what happened to them is simply too horrible and how people don’t like them and how they’re good people. They don’t deserve to be single when people around are getting married. They don’t deserve to still be counting pennies when it feels like everyone around them is getting promoted or are thriving on social media. They tell me how special they are, basically, in their « unlucky » manifestation. They are basically the exception.

I wish people wouldn’t get so caught up in the details of their story. Details don’t matter because all of us have gone through tough times. We all have different levels of tolerance for pain so one’s trauma may seem like nothing to someone else ; yet, it feels so unsurmountable when it happens to us.

Snap out of it. You are not special. You are in fact, quite successfully manifesting all of the things you don’t want because you focus on them.



There are many ways you can activate gratitude on a basic level. You have to practice those things everyday…. For the rest of your life.


1)   Keep a gratitude journal

Mine is from Eccolo World Traveler in my favorite color (which is in reality rose gold, but anyways J) and I write with a marvelous golden Swarovski pen, made with clear and pink crystals.

At first, I recommend writing on your journal every night before going to bed. No TV, no social media, just clarity and quiet to dive into the plenitude of reviewing all of the ways the Universe has given you wonderful gifts during the day.

Once you learn to practice gratitude on a more spiritual level, cleansing your aura, programming your sub-conscious mind and plugging in highly vibrational truths into your mind-body system, you can move on to once a week when gratitude is almost like a second muscle and you see beauty, just like a true goddess incarnate, in every aspect of your life and your musings.


2)   Create a Gratitude meditation practice

Guided meditations are the most powerful and subtle ways to create mindfulness.

I say subtle because if you speak to most people (and you’ll notice that those people are mostly not such efficient at upgrading their own reality), they just don’t see the point in doing meditation. It’s a waste of time for them or they say things like “I’ve tried meditation but I just don’t know how to do it”.

One, there are as many meditation techniques as there are human beings. Ok, I’m exaggerating. But meditation starts by being in the moment. Slowly, slowly learning to push aside the clutter, the noise, the confusion and with time, being still.

Guided meditations are not only the best way to train your mind to create a new mindset, thus transforming your reality, but they are also the easiest. Done from the comfort of your home, a place where you feel safe and where you control your surroundings, your mind is at peace, ready and willing to absorb all of the magical truths that will alter the way you see your life.

With disciplined practice, guided meditations create drastic changes leading you to a better life.

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second muscle and you see beauty, just like a true goddess incarnate, in every aspect of your life and your musings.



Practice gratitude through every single breath you take is the best way to start noticing all of the gifts the Universe has granted you already.

By noticing and acknowledging those gifts, you start acting more and more from a place of high vibrations, with the wheels of manifestations turning faster and faster, bringing you more reasons to feel grateful.

Having more reasons to feel grateful, synchronicity starts to take place more and more frequently until your life is nothing but the constant manifestation and materialization of your desires. Shifts from your perception will lead to shifts in your reality.