5 Secrets to Live a Luxurious Lifestyle

Living luxury for a regular person, used to what I call the discount mindset, takes quite a stretch of the subconscious mind and creating new “luxury-oriented” habits so that luxury becomes synonymous with normal.

I dedicated a little bit of time to research people’s comments on social media as a response to luxury influencers online, whether it be luxury VIP brands, pop stars spending habits or even five stars’ culinary artists.

Though I am no poll expert, I was amused at the narrow range of response quality, going from obvious blind envy of the picture or video displaying living a life larger than life itself, full of bling, hundred dollar bills waved by hip hop artists in their music videos, to complete disdain for the idea of glamour and luxury as they are deemed extravagant, tasteless and even vulgar.

Luxury, it seems, has quite a bad reputation and, as far as I know, people cannot be farther from the truth in the way they perceive the notion of being rich and the freedom that comes with it.



The images of luxury you see on popular media are often the depiction of what we call in French “nouveaux riches” meaning “new rich”.

It means, people who did not grow up in opulence but accessed wealth and abundance. And that’s amazing. We all love fairy tales and rags-to-riches success stories.

But understand that seeing only luxury as the extravagant and often wasteful behavior that some (not all) of those artists is misleading.

This is one of the definitions I found of Luxury on the internet.




a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.

"he lived a life of luxury"

syn : opulence, luxuriousness, sumptuousness, richness, costliness, grandeur, grandness

This definition is rather limiting as it narrows down the concept of luxury to appearance, what is seen, rather than what is felt when living in a state of luxury.

Luxury, as far as I’m concerned, means having access to exclusive, rare products, services and experiences created by genius, specialists in their field, and basically being part of a privileged group of people.

For one person, this might translate into hiring the best chef to have access to the best, healthiest and tastiest food; for another, it might mean traveling the world; for yet another, luxury means securing kids’ 4-year college education without needing to apply for student loans; for another, it could mean only purchasing cruelty free fashion; for another it might mean collecting limited edition sneakers.

So, see, luxury simply means knowing what you want and knowing the mechanics to manifest that which you want and having the time and health to enjoy it fully.



 I get a lot of emails and DMs, questions from my loving YouTube viewers and Instagram followers mostly, and I always feel a bit sad because the majority are the questions seem so limiting and trivial.

From the ones who want to manifest a million dollars by the end of the month to those who want me to give them free sessions or even free strategies on how to get their ex who cheated on them back.

There are also those who always want to manifest quick-fix money, showing that they are not stable spiritually and in the actions they take, leading them to always being on the verge of eviction, of piles of bills not paid on time or even never being able to save and invest their money.

They say they want luxury, but their needs and desires are still stuck in the lack mentality.

To experience luxury, you have to step out of your comfort zone and really think about what it means to you to never have to worry about money. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do every day to be a useful citizen of the world?


Ah, you thought by magically having money and luxury, it means that you would have to stop altogether? I’m so sorry to burst your bubble.

The subject is so vast, today, I’m focusing on 5 secrets I found make it easy for you to access luxury without the initial intimidation you might feel when you enter into a world you have no idea about.




Just like anything you can think of in the large spectrum of attraction of one’s desires with a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction, you have to identify what is the type of life you strive to attain and do research about it.

You will not reinvent the wheel.

Energy is going to pull you towards an already existing similar energy: its vibrational match. Which means that in your process to transform yourself into a better version of yourself, you have to be clear about the type of person she is.

What does she wear? What does she do for a living? What is her daily routine?…. If she manifests big stuff, she’s most certainly not a lazy, vegetating for endless hours watching movies or going through influencers’ Instagram feeds without ever leaving your couch. If you don’t have a vision of the person you’re convinced you’re supposed to be, you’ll never receive the spiritual GPS to get there.

SO I suggest you spend the first weeks of your journey doing rituals of self-awareness: meditation, techniques to re-program the subconscious mind, cleansing baths, etc.

As a woman, when you’re cleansed, purified, healed where healing is necessary, like your womb or your heart, that’s when you’re ready to manifest big.


So you dream of living in these gorgeous instagramable houses and apartments? My question to you is: how is your home right now? How clean is it? How’s your bathroom? Could you eat off the ground because you are a clean person, not just because you shower or look pretty with cute clothes, but also the way you live?

This is called the Law of Correspondence and it acts like an inside out mirror, bringing you in 3D the exact reflection of what’s going on inside of you or in the invisible.

The cleaner you are, the more clarity you have in life. That’s a fact.

But beyond this, let me add that messy or even dirty, dusty surrounding show a state of confusion, with low energies like fear (what hides underneath the mess), self-doubt (never wanting to take responsibility by fear of failing), victim mentality and having it as the excuse for not moving forward with typical anti-luxury logic like “When I have a bigger house, I’ll take beautiful photos to inspire other girls that it is possible to live like a goddess;” instead of the LOA-friendly approach, which is: “Let me make my house as clean and beautiful as possible now and gradually start to create beautiful corners, rooms, which, with time, will lead me to manifest my dream house.”


“Duh…. This is logical!”, you might be thinking to yourself. But let me tell you that it is not so simple. Most people I know get caught up in the daily errands and activities of their “to do” lists and think of quality time and going out to places where they have to dress up as reserved to special occasion.

Without knowing it, what your subconscious mind is ordering to the Universe are special occasion types of luxury events and circumstances, as though luxury was special. In fact, you make it something so rare, so special, that it becomes unattainable.

You end up dressing up only for special occasions, like weddings. That’s so sad, if you ask me my opinion.




You should put an effort into always looking put together, without trying too hard. But from head to toe, analyze what your image represents. If you look like an office clerk, that’s what you’ll attract. If you look like a casual bohemian who doesn’t seem to care about her appearance, that’s the energy you’ll attract.

You should do exactly the opposite: dress for the part you want.

Haven’t you ever seen documentaries on actors prepping for a role; going to the extreme of even changing their hair color and get an accent or vocal coach so they become the character?

This is exactly what to do when you want change. Identify the role you want the forces of the Universe to give you by showing up every day looking like her.




There is no way you will be able to create drastic changes and lasting results that will bring you the type of life you want if you don’t invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself starts with making sure you are spiritually and mentally stable and ready for the changes you want. So many people dream of winning the lottery and go on feeling miserable when they see the effect them becoming rich overnight also translates into their entourage seeing them as a cash cow.

Often times, and that applies to the big majority, when proper initial work including spiritually alignment, or conditioning of the subconscious mind to acquire habits of success and luxury, is not done, even sudden increase in cash flow is temporary.

Investing in yourself means putting money “where your mouth is”. I recently met a world famous supermodel through a common friend. And at some point in the conversation, she told me that when she wanted to go from modeling to acting, she had to hire a vocal coach. She was raised in a popular neighborhood where people commonly spoke using slang words. She identified this as a handicap for the goals she had for herself so she proceeded to improve this aspect of her character. She later on landed a few roles in blockbuster movies.

We were born into a world, which requires us to be interconnected and to require other people’s talents and competencies to help us develop ourselves and be able, in our turn, to help other develop.

It is the natural will of the divine realm to see us thrive as a world community, relying on each other to create wealth individually and collectively.

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