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Cannes Film Festival : That time when Bill Murray asked me to apply my oudh oil potion on him

You are probably wondering why Bill Murray would come in contact with me and even more, how come I would end up applying my oudh oil perfome potion on him.

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Oud, Liquid Gold | Luxury Lifestyle

Oud (agarwood) is the best kept secret of Middle Eastern and North African women. Oud has become one of the most expensive aromas used in the luxury fragrance industry, for its sensuous and exquisite smell, that makes you travel to the deserts of Arabia.

Oud, liquid gold, quite literally, as it is so rare that its price makes it a fragrance reserved only to the privileged.

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5 Secrets to Live a Luxurious Lifestyle

Living luxury for a regular person, used to what I call the discount mindset, takes quite a stretch of the subconscious mind and creating new “luxury-oriented” habits so that luxury becomes synonymous with normal.

I dedicated a little bit of time to research people’s comments on social media as a response to luxury influencers online, whether it be luxury VIP brands, pop stars spending habits or even five stars’ culinary artists.

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Gratitude : the Most Powerful Secret to Manifestation | Goddess Magic

Expressing gratitude is such a simple act that it often gets forgotten when my aspiring goddesses wish to start changing their lives in the hopes of upgrading their lifestyle in a significant manner. When I see the reactions of my Youtube videos, I’ve come to realize that people always look for the complicated manifestation rituals, with elaborate spells, involving exotic formulae, intricate sigils as though manifestation of everything that will create genuine happiness and bliss in the form of material comfort can only come from how much you know about spirituality.

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