Life lessons on introducing sensational Leyna Bloom(ing) to my oudh oil potion at Cannes Film Festival

If you don’t know this girl, you are late in the game. Leyna Bloom is IT. And the fact that she was so receptive to the idea of a magic oudh oil perfume trapped in a Feng Shui glass bottle just blows my mind goes to show how unstoppable she is.

So remember her name : LEYNA BLOOM.

Leyna Bloom and me at Cannes Film Festival (DPA Celebrity Suite)

Leyna Bloom and me at Cannes Film Festival (DPA Celebrity Suite)

So here I was -  minding my business, holding on to my Luxt Millionnaire Mala (that you’ve seen me carrying everywhere at this point), and creating silence in my mind and my heart in the midst of the cacophony that was Cannes at the film festival – when this ball of file showed up.

I don’t remember what I noticed first : her Hollywood ad-worthy smile or her incredible aura. Needless to say, her presence could not be ignored.

I asked the people around me if they knew who she was but they didn’t, which I felt was a shame since she looked mesmerizing to me.

She was in Cannes with the cast of the movie « Port Authority », in which she plays the lead female character.

She was in Cannes with the cast of the movie « Port Authority », in which she plays the lead female character.


 She came ot the celebrity suite with her friend or publicist or chaperon or all of the above (lol) and we started speaking about my very intriguing products, that stood gloriously on my presentation table.

When I explained what they were and asked her which one she felt connected to, she said « I need all of them ! », which is a nice caress to my ego and which goes to show how humble she is… but which, in reality, was not true at all !

Let me explain why : from left to right, I placed Ishtar Flower of Passion, then Luxt Millionnaire in the middle, and then E.F. Nomad on the right.

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Let me start with E.F. Nomad Oudh Oil Perfume Potion , infused with oudh that I got during my last trip to Thailand as magic enhancer and energy lifter, gold dust and gold flakes as magic conductor (yes, just like electricity – same principle) and Moldavite as the precious stone (tektite) of transformation.

But this girl already did that : transformation.


She actually created pure magic, the type of magic I speak about, which is about « becoming » who you feel like you are on the inside, upgrade yourself so what you are becoming is a match to the type of life you want to live, everyday, for the rest of your life and do the work, the very laborious, tedious, disciplined practice, day in and day out, so you change yourself on the cellular level so the physical changes become the logical outcome.

Article in Gala (famous French magazine) special about Kering Women in Motion Program

Article in Gala (famous French magazine) special about Kering Women in Motion Program


If, like me, you’ve been living under a hut for a while and are not keeping up with the trends and celebrity gossip, you probably don’t know that Leyna Bloom is in fact a transgender woman. But let me tell you : when I was speaking to her, I had no idea. I talked to her as a human being, a gorgeous one in fact, like I spoke to any other actress/model I’ve encountered in my career.

So here is why, I believe, AT THAT MOMENT, she didn’t need E.F. Nomad

She was literally « bloom-ing » (no pun intended). She was radiant and looked like she was just taking everything in. She looked that her presence in Cannes was just the logical step culminating to the vision she had of herself. She looked like she belonged there…. Unlike a few other women, who, quite frankly, were taking themselves too seriously to even enjoy, milk the moment. So, E.F. Nomad, which is about enjoying your transformation, loving the work of art you have become (or are in the making) was not what she needed at that specific time.

I suggest E.F. Nomad  when you are in transition or when you have manifested so much that it is overwhelming and you need to get back to the fun of it, so that you can manifest even more of the luxury you have.


From what the goddesses told me, what she needed was Luxt Millionnaire. Because she is at a time in her life where she needs to attract win-win partnerships, she also needs to be wise with her projects and she needs her money to start working for her.

The emerald precious stone in Luxt Millionnaire  is the stone that amplifies the money energy within you and calls upon more, with the help of the oudh, so the oudh makes the opportunities come even faster.

But Ishtar Flower of Passion  was also an auspicious match for her because, as an actress, and especially as a transgender woman, she has to allow her vulnerability to shines through and mesmerizing those who watch her.

Remember, Ishtar Flower of Passion  is about igniting your sacred feminine. And even though her aura undeniably screams « woman », biologically, her womb may not be as strong, which can take a toll on anyone psychologically. Always acting to prove that she is woman enough. This is just a trick of the mind but it has an effect on the emotional. Because, in the end, she is more than a woman : she is a magical woman. Ishtar Flower of Passion oudh oil perfume potion is amazing for her to  completely own this about herself.

Just a small crash course on transgenderism in world mythology. Allow me to ignite a few obscure points, please !

Hermaphrodites were actually called « hermaphrodeities ». The root of the word comes from the merging of two sacred divinities : Hermès and Aphrodite. What is also called « sacred marriage » in Greek mythological mysticism. What it means is that it is taught that the goal of life is to raise your kundalini from the base of your spine all the way to neck so that the divine «juice » (stay with me lol) created with form the merging of one’s full self : the divine masculine and the divine feminine. This culmination is also known as « nirvana » or « ectasy », a point in your life where you would have experienced the true presence of God.

Ancient Roman sculptures of idealized beautiful hermaphrodites

Ancient Roman sculptures of idealized beautiful hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodites, those who embodies both genders, the original transgender men and women, were already displaying this quality of having reach nirvana. They were, in fact, venerated and usually lived in the salons between the monastaries and the royal courts and acted as healers, psychics, counselors of the kings and shahs.

Even hinduism embraces what they call the « third gender ». So, transgenderism, far from being a new thing, was also considered sacred and most precious, until  a group of scared men in power decided otherwise and planted the seed of hatred for all that is « different » in the general population psychie.

Hermaphrodite Hindu god/goddess Ardhanarishvara

Hermaphrodite Hindu god/goddess Ardhanarishvara

The bottom line is : every single one of « God’s creation » is a beautiful creation here on Earth to create magic for transforming their own life, then inspiring others to do the same. Period. 

So I’m not going to reveal which one of my oudh oil perfume potions she picked, because, I believe, it wasn’t mean to be shared.

She was holding it in when we took the photo, but somehow, the photographer didn’t take it. So, there you go !


I do pray that Leyna Bloom’s journey is a sweet and scandalous one, in the most beautiful way, I mean.

She is a fun and hard working soul. And to be who she is today, having gone through the turmoil of not feeling like she belonged to her birth-body and to fight to become who she truly believes she is, is, itself, work that most people fail to accomplish in a lifetime.

If someone like her is smiling and thriving today, you have no excuse not to take charge of your own magic, do the work, use whatever tool is your disposal and joyously conquer ! In the end, it is sweet but let me tell you, if you are not prepare, you’ll never make it. Because with glory also comes more work and more responsibility. Whoever said it would be easy is a liar. You just learn to rise to every occasion.

As always, I wish you lavish imperial opulence !

Be magical !