My spiritual oudh oil potions can be used on the body, to anoint candles, to burn as incense, to activate a petition and other spell works and rituals. Customize my oudh oil potions to your existing spiritual practice.

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ISIS FLOWER OF THE NILE Oudh-based Spiritual Oil perfume

Keep your potion in a sacred space.

Isis is calling you to work with her when your energies are shifting and you are going through transformation that requires you to step into your own power.
She wants you to know that a new version of you is ready to flourish, but you have to let go of your false sense of security, your “thinking-small” mentality, your fears, your abandonment issues, your co-dependency, your doubts about yourself and your entitlement to whatever you want to experience.

Isis will usher your REBIRTH. As the person you are today is not able to manifest the life you want. Meaning: you have to become someone new, you have to become the person who effortlessly matches your wishes so YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO WISH.

Those things, people, interactions, inspiration… your dreams will appear before you even express them.

This potion lasts for ONE MONTH daily use.

Use at night ONLY to do your ritual. Have it on your alter as offering to Isis. Then, as I explain in the video below, invite Isis in your dreams so she can provide the healing you need to become the GODDESS VERSION OF YOU.