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Luxt Millionaire

Mystical scent made from a complex blend of aphrodisiac and out-of-wordly notes that will remind you of this luxurious week-end in the Bedouin tents of the desert.

Lust & Luxury are at the root of this oudh-based oil perfume made for those who don’t look at price tags.

Characteristics :

Oriental bouquet. Woody. Sensuous. Sweetly smoky.

TOP NOTES include : Tulsi and Cinnamon
MIDDLE NOTES include : Cardamom and Geranium
BASE NOTES include : Oud, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Benzoin and Rose

Luxt Millionaire comes in a 15 ML (0.5 fl.oz) crystal bottle of mystical oil fragrance and comes fully activated with the Shreem prosperity vibrations of hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

Activated with the lavish imperial opulence energy of Hindu deity Lakshmi.

Infused with raw organic oudh from small Thai plantations, to ensure purity and potency of the oudh as the magic enhancer.

Infused with 18k Gold as magic conductor.

Infused with raw Emerald from Madagascar as magic amplifier.

Once you receive your potion, be sure to encode it with your own energetic DNA by

Either using my Oudh Activation Meditation


Doing an activation session with me directly (for VIP clients ONLY).


One full moon cycle of encoding the potion with your own manifestation desire

The custom version of Luxt Millionnaire comes with added magical energetic enhancements, making it even more powerful, thus ensuring fast manifestation:

Infused with Ruby Precious Stone and transformation tektite Molvadite.

Gold plated custom made Mala Bracelet for daily manifestation alignment.


“Become Luxury: The Goddess Formula to Heal your Womb and Manifestation” + “Erotic Spirituality & Wealth Manifestation”

7-DAY Goddess Bath

Goddess Channeling/Oudh Activation Audio Guided Meditation

33 Days Angels of Power Activation for wish granting and obstacle removal.

The Custom Luxt Millionaire comes in a 15 ML (0.5 fl.oz) crystal bottle of mystical oil fragrance and comes with a fully activated Mala bead incrusted with the Gold plated sigil of Luxt Millionaire designed to carry the Shreem prosperity vibrations of hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

As you adorn the most precious corner of your beauty space with Luxt Millionaire, the Mala will continue to heighten the luxury qualities of this unique treasure.

Manifest Lavish Imperial Opulence…. and feel good about your life choices as they are in alignment with your divine purpose!

Sorry. I am currently all booked for Custom Orders until December 2019.

To be placed on the waiting list, please contact my assistant Ella contact@misspravala.com. Thank you.

No exchange. No return.