LUXT MILLIONAIRE Oudh-based Spiritual Oil Perfume

LUXT MILLIONAIRE Oudh-based Spiritual Oil Perfume

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Lust & Luxury are at the root of this oudh-based spiritual oil perfume.


Oriental bouquet. Woody.

Sensuous. Sweetly smoky.


Top: Tulsi. Cinnamon.

Middle: Cardamom. Rose Geranium.

Base: Oud. Sandwalwood. Patchouli. Benjoin. Rose.

Luxt Millionaire is a mystical oil fragrance that comes in a 15 ml (0.5 fl.oz) bottle.


Welcome to the mystical world of magic oudh oil perfumes.

My blends are created using  ancient oil perfume techniques practiced by occult apothecaries of Ancient Kemet along the Nile River of what is known today as Egypt/Sudan.

Of course, I add my own touch of sensuality and femininity to my magical scent oils, brewing them for days and nights, over candle light and hypnotic chants from another realm.

These were my best kept secret. As a matter of fact, my private practice  was primarily for VIP clients, for whom I made (and still make) custom orders.

I have the honor and privilege to present to you: Luxt Millionnaire & Crystal Lover, luxurious oil perfumes, infused with Koh Hong oudh and 24K Gold.

I create for women. For aspiring goddesses.

My scents are therapy for the soul.

Enchantment of the senses.

Priceless. Limitless.