OSHUN GOLDEN GODDESS Oudh-based Womb & Yoni Oudh Oil Perfume

OSHUN GOLDEN GODDESS Oudh-based Womb & Yoni Oudh Oil Perfume

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My spiritual oudh oil potions can be used on the body, to anoint candles, to burn as incense, to activate a petition and other spell works and rituals. Customize my oudh oil potions to your existing spiritual practice.

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OSHUN GOLDEN GODDESS Oudh-based Womb & Yoni Oudh Oil Perfume

Keep your potion in a sacred space.

Oshun is one of the most celebrated orishas (deities) of the African, and more precisely Yoruba spiritual tradition.

She is the matron deity for all women having pledged to live a life of both spirituality and wealth with respect to african traditions and philosophies.

She is the deity of natural fresh waters, often found in rituals revolving around rivers.

Become a human goddess of luxury and pleasure.

Become a human goddess of enhanced sexuality and fertility.

Become a human goddess whose beauty is celebrated.

Become a human goddess of universal love, experiencing love in all aspects of your existence as a mother, as a lover, as a "universal mother" when channeling Oshun.

Enhance your divination and psychic abilites by channeling Oshun.

Experience wealth within yourself and spread wealth around you.

Work with the energy of Oshun, using this potion and channel her holistically so she can guide you throughout your day and help you attract all the manifestations of love required in your life, from money as one huge aspect of (self-) love manifestation, to luxuries as it is Oshun's reason of being, to romance and enhanced love in family and friendships.

This is your journey of manifestation.

My Oshun womb & yoni oil perfume potion is made with copper + real 24K gold dust, the most luxurious and most powerful magic conductor. 

Using your Oshun potion will go hand in hand with my "Become Gold - Swadhistana and Manipura" activation guided-meditation that I give during my New York sessions and that is also part of my "Goddess Formula" ecourse.

The point is for you to not only attract gold, but to become gold. Not to attract wealth, but becoming living/breathing wealth yourself so all the components relating to being "wealthy" will come to you effortlessly as you embark on this lifelong journey.



Oshun is a goddess of luxury and love.

These two elements go hand in hand.

If you want to channel

Oshun's energy, treat your rituals with respect and be mindful of her presence

when using this product daily.

No brutality when using this potion.

No rush in using this potion.

Do not misuse it or use it to hurt anyone or to attempt to bend their will.